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Mr. Myo Myint Aung
Principal, Director
(15.5.2018) To (Today)

Greeting from the Principal

Government Technical High School(Pangpet) is implementing Myanmar Sustainable Development Plan(2018-2030)

  • Goal(3)-Job creation and Private sector Led Growth
  • Strategy(3.7)-Encourage greater creativity and innovation which will contribute to the development of a modern economy
  • Goal(4)-Human Resources of Social Development for a 21st Century Society
  • Strategy(4.1)-Improve equitable access to high quality lifelong educational opportunities

in accordance with the directives Department of Technical Vocational Education and Training.  

Government Technical High School is committed to ensuring that all those interested in vocational education are able to attend and that all those who attend the  training are qualified and skilled, learn and that job opportunities will be created for  all.